Organic Cosmetics Certification - IOS 2008

Organic Cosmetic Certification Standard - In response to customer demands Certech published its own standard for Natural and Organic Certification (IOS 2008 for Cosmetics - November 2007). The International Organic Standard is a 'hybrid' addressing effective management controls/systems, product stewardship, testing and auditing through the design, sourcing, production, and labeling of natural and organic cosmetics.

Certech has we believe ensured the credibility of its 'IOS 2008' Standard by strict conformance to the principles, guidelines, and regulations already in existence internationally:

USDA National Organic Program Standards 7 CFR Part 205
California Health and Safety Code, Article 7 "The California Organic Products Act of 2003"
Consumer Packaging and Labelling Act (Canada)
Canadian Food and Drugs Act
FDA/CFSAN Cosmetics Good Manufacturing Practice guideline
CAN/CGSB 32.310 2006 Organic Production Systems General Principles and Management Standards
EEC Regulation number 2092/91
ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems - Requirements
ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems - Requirements

Certech is not USDA or SCC accredited for product testing under ISO Guide 65 as Certech believes that its approach to certifying organic cosmetics is better served by a management system accreditation processes, similar to those accredited to ISO 17021 and by the ISO 17025 accreditation held by the testing laboratory used.

Why a 'hybrid' standard - Certech believes that it is important to consumers that organizations offering natural and organic products have effective controls related to:

1) Compliance with legal requirements
2) Competent personnel
3) Good Manufacturing Process (GMP)
4) Configuration management (no unapproved changes to ingredients, either type or source)
5) Effective monitoring, measurement and calibration

Copies of the following documents can be downloaded free from this page:

What does it mean when a product achieves IOS Certification?

Conformance to Certech's IOS 2008 standard tells consumers that the product conforms to strict natural and organic guidelines:


In addition to controls on ingredients cosmetics certified by Certech are not tested on animals and use recyclable packaging.

Certech performed the first audit against IOS 2008 in December 2007. D'Avicenna Inc. of Toronto Ontario was granted approval to use Certech's trade marked 'Natural and Organic' logos on a range of its products.

Register of Natural and Organic Products


Getting registered

To be registered by Certech a producer must be able to demonstrate conformance to IOS2008, this means:

1) Must be able to demonstrate the design and or manufacture of cosmetic
2) Have a documented quality systems as outlined in IOS2008
3) Have implemented the controls required by its documented quality system

A self-check list is provided below, it is recommended that organizations interested in achieving registration complete this, and are satisfied that they meet all requirements prior to contacting Certech.

Many organizations that have contacted us for registration are seeking only the ability to label their products organic and have done little or nothing to assure product will be truly organic. If you don't have a documented and implemented system we cannot register you.

The registration process involves off-site review of formulations for conformance to criteria defined within IOS2008, followed by an on-site audit to establish that all facets of manufacturing, labeling, and traceability meet ISO2008. The audit process is conducted by certified quality system lead auditors and chemists, finally random samples of products are taken for laboratory analysis. Cost depends upon the amount of time to conduct the audit, plus all laboratory costs. Time for completion of audit is a minimum of 12 days, but depends upon the manufacturer being able to provide information and access.

It is not recommended that you apply for registration with Certech unless you have used a consultant to establish your system.

What does the label mean?

Many products claim to be organic...

Some cosmetic manufacturers simply make an unsubstantiated claim that their product is organic (these products may or may not be truly organic, probably not).

Others cosmetic manufacturers claim that some of the ingredients used are organic (what is the value? Mixing organic ingredients with toxic ingredients, bio-chemicals, parabens, and large quantities of synthetics helps consumers how?)

Some cosmetic manufacturers care enough about their customers to have an independent product audit performed to verify that their products are organic (In this case either a sample product is tested to ensure it is truly organic, but what about the subsequent production? Some product is registered based purely on a check of incoming paperwork, but what about the subsequent production?).

Then there are those cosmetic manufacturers that go the extra distance and implement management system controls, get independent systems and product audits, and spend the time and money ensuring that they consistently deliver product that is beyond doubt truly organic. THESE ARE THE ONLY PRODUCTS CONSUMERS SHOULD TRUST.

Only those that really produce truly organic product using an effective management system approach should consider registration with Certech, we will not register anything less. Anyone buying a product with our logo is assured that it is truly natural and/or natural and organic.



Organic Council of Ontario Certech is a member of the Ontario Council of Ontario.

DOWNLOAD - IOS Cosmetics Standard - Latest Version - Update April 2008 DOWNLOAD - IOS Cosmetics Standard - Latest Version - Update April 2008

DOWNLOAD - IOS 2008 Production DOWNLOAD - IOS 2008 Production

DOWNLOAD - IOS 2008 Self-Check List DOWNLOAD - IOS 2008 Self-Check List


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